Edward Henry Windred 1875-1953

By Mark Hewitt

Site last updated on 4 October 2013

Biography of E H Windred

Gallery of other E H Windred pigeon portraits

Story of my own E H Windred painting


Welcome to my homepage.

Over time, it has evolved.  It began life a few years ago as a site just concerning my own Windred painting.  Since then I have found that Windred's work is still very popular and regularly changes hands at auctions and on ebay. I therefore set about finding as many images of his paintings as I could, and creating a site where they can be accessed together for anyone interested.

I also wanted to find out something about the artist himself.  Where he lived, where he worked and even his family history.

This is the result.  As far as I am aware it is unique in being the only webpage solely dedicated to this renowned artist.


Please contact me by e-mail with any comments or contributions at: mark142857@hotmail.com

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