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Family History

Although it has been documented that Edward Henry Windred (EHW) had been a miner and only in later life came to live in the New Cross area, in the course of my research I have found that, in fact, his family had been in the area for some time.

The 1851 census for New Cross shows EHW's grandfather, Joseph Windred, living with his wife Louisa and four children, one of whom was William Windred,
EHW's father aged only 4 at the time.  Although neither Joseph or Louisa were born in the area, all their children, with the exception of their eldest son, were born in New Cross.  The 1861 census confirms this information.

By the time of the 1871 census the family were living at 6 Hyde Street, Deptford, a small turning just north of Deptford station and off the High Street.  It is interesting to note that whilst Joseph Windred was clearly born in Harrow, Middlesex in 1851 he believed it was in Buckinghamshire, in 1861 Surrey (and was called "Arrow"), and finally by 1871 he got it right!

Later in 1871 William Windred married Maria Lloyd and by the time of the 1881 census were living at one of the Bell Green Shops in Lewisham.  Also by this time we have the first mention of EHW aged five, although it seemed they preferred to use his middle name, a custom that he himself would continue in years to come.  Louisa was shown as being a widower, her husband Joseph having died in 1878.

EHW's father and grandfather had, at all times, given their occupations as "bricklayer". It is rather surprising therefore that in the 1891 census William Windred is listed as being a "Bird and animal painter". This confirms the account of EHW's grandson, Roger Lucia, which can be found in the section regarding my painting, that EHW's father also had some talent for painting.  We also now have the first mention of EHW's occupation, "hairdresser".

On 12 April 1898 EHW married Jane Sumner at St Paul's church, Deptford.

In the 1901 census EHW, now giving his occupation as "bricklayer", is living with his wife and first son, William.

As yet, no later census's are available to the public, so for further information I consulted the Register of Electors for the New Cross area.

In 1933, 1934 and 1935 EHW and his wife were listed at 412 New Cross Road along with their son, Edward Henry Windred Jr and his wife Lillian and their son, Thomas Windred.  In 1936 EHW had moved out, although his son and family were still there, but i could not find where they had moved to.

However, in 1937 and 1938 EHW and his wife were listed at 352 New Cross Road.  I have been unable to trace any later Registers of Electors so thereafter I have lost track of their whereabouts, until the late 1940's when, for family reasons, they moved to Stoke Newington where they remained until EHW's death on 6 January 1953 aged 77.  He was buried in Brookley cemetery along with his wife, parents and grandparents.  Click here to see some pictures of his grave.

The lastest paintings by EHW that I have come across date from 1939.  With the kind assistance of EHW's grandsons, Brian and Robert Windred, I have learned that EHW's son, also called Edward Henry Windred, was also something of an artist and I include here some examples of his work.

Working Life

Throughout his life EHW's occupation seems to have varied from being "bricklayer" and "hairdresser".  It is not clear how he could have alternated between two such different trades, and at the same time develop his painting skills, but somehow he managed it.

1891 Census - Hairdresser
1898 Marriage - Hairdresser
1901 Census - Bricklayer

From here it was necessary to consult the London Trades Directories.

From 1932 to 1936 there were listing for a Hy Windred as having a hairdressing business at 4 Grove Lane, Camberwell, which is not far from New Cross. Here we have another example of EHW using his middle name rather than his first name.

In 1937 there is still a hairdressers at this address but it now being run by a Mrs L C Laffey with no sign of EHW.

However, the Directories for 1938 and 1939 show an entry for an Edwd Hy Windred as being a hairdresser at 354 New Cross Road and those for 1940 and 1941 the same entries only at 352 New Cross Road.  This last address ties in with the entries in the Register of Electors.

The 1942 Directory was unavailable, and there were no listings for EHW in the 1943, 1944 or 1945 Directories so, again, that is where the trail ends.