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It appears that E H Windred's son, also called Edward Henry Windred, had inherited his father's talent as an artist.

He also painted portraits of pigeons, as well as his own copies of well known works of art, including some of his father's paintings.

Below is his 1946 painting of Ruhr Express, a recipient of the Dickin medal - the so-called "animal VC".  It's sale for £420 was, at the time, a world record price for a racing pigeon.  It can also be seen that this bird's sire was bred by the Windreds.

In 1995, the medal awarded to Ruhr Express in 1943 was sold at auction for the record-breaking sum of £5,800. The auction was perhaps the first ever instance of a medal being sold with it's (stuffed) recipient. The auctioneer was reported to have said that the bird was bought by a Japanese pigeon-worshipping cult.

He also produced many excellent pencil sketches of contemporary celebrities.

Below are some other examples of his work, painted in 1963.