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The Property of W. Hurley Junior, 1938, painted by E.H. Windred 352 Newcross Road, SE14. Blue Cheq Cock NURP 33BCP 311. Winner of 1st Bournemouth. 1st Dorchester. 1st Rennes. Flown San Sebastian 1936. Mirande 1937. Blue Cheq. Hen. NUPP29RHS 410. 1st Lymington. 1st London. Fed - 1st Bournemouth. 1st Dorchester. 2nd Fed. 1st Exmouth. 1st Fed. 1st R.H.S. Lymington Open Racing Winning 14 lbs. Blue Cheq. Cock, NURP34SLE 238. 1st Dorchester. 1st La Teste 6th Fed. Mealy Cock NRUP33 BCP36. 1st Boscombe 2nd Fed. 1936 San Sebastian. 1937 Mirande. Red Hen 1st Bournemouth. 1st Weymouth. Blue Cheq. Pied Hen. NURPJ950. 1st Lymington 1st Bournemouth. 2nd Marennes.